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If the symptoms disappear, and  levels return to normal, you should consider re-appointment or other inhibitors of dianabol pillsreductase in smaller doses with careful observation of the patient.
The definition of activity of  should not be carried out after intense exercise or in the presence of other possible reasons for the increase  activity, which can lead to misinterpretation of the results.If the baseline  increased significantly, 5-7 days should be a re-measurement – should not begin therapy if a second test confirms the initial activity of  (5 times higher than normal).
Routine monitoring of creatine kinase activity in the absence of symptoms is not appropriate. Reported an increase in the incidence of myopathy and myositis patients receiving other inhibitors  reductase inhibitor in combination with a fibric acid derivatives (including gemfibrozil), cyclosporin, nicotinic acid, azole antifungals, protease inhibitors and macrolide antibiotics. You should carefully consider the ratio of expected benefits and potential risks in the combined use  and fibrates or nicotinic acid (not less than 1 g / day) are not recommended to co-administration of gemfibrozil well.
In most cases, proteinuria decreases or disappears in the course of therapy and does not mean the emergence of acute or exacerbation of existing kidney disease. Assessment of renal function should be carried out in the routine evaluation of patients receiving a dose of 40 mg.
Women of childbearing age should use adequate contraception methods. Since cholesterol and substances are synthesized from cholesterol, it is important for the development of the fetus, the potential risk of inhibition dianabol pills reductase inhibitors exceeds the benefit from the use of the drug during pregnancy. In case of pregnancy during therapy, the drug should be discontinued immediately. Data on the allocation of rosuvastatin with women no milk, so breast-feeding should be stopped.
We do not recommend co-administration of rosuvastatin and HIV protease inhibitors.
With prolonged use of rosuvastatin reported isolated cases of interstitial lung disease. For suspected interstitial lung disease should be discontinued therapy  .
In the study of rosuvastatin pharmacokinetic parameters was observed increase in systemic concentrations of the drug in the representatives of the Mongoloid race (see. “Pharmacokinetics section). Keep in mind this fact when assigningdianabol pillspatients Mongoloid race. Effects on ability to road management and work with the mechanisms. (Dizziness may occur during therapy) Caution should be exercised when driving and occupations that require high concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions.

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